Brown Fused Alumina




Borwn fused alumina is electrically fused from bauxite in electric arc furnace at temperatures around 2000°C. Because of its high hardness (Mohs hardness 9), excellent toughness and high degree of thermal shock resistance, Brown fused alumina is widely used as raw material for grinding wheels, sand paper, blasting media, lapping & polishing , refractory products and many other applications. 

Suntek Material offers a wide variety of brown fused alumina, with size ranging from group sizes, macrogrits and microgrits in accordance with FEPA, JIS, ANSI standards or according to customer’s specific request. 

Product Data Sheet:

Brown Fused alumina – Bonded & Industrial Abrasives 

Brown Fused Alumina – Coated Abrasives 

Brown Fused Alumina – Refractories & Ceramics

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