Suntek Glass Bead is a superior quality soda lime glass bead for applications requiring a high polish or minimum surface alteration. It is widely used in aviation industry, polishing of stainless steel, bronze, and used for the refurbishment of automotive and engineering components.It is also used for road marking purposes.Suntek Glass bead is in accordance with ISO, JIS, MIL-G-9954, BS 6088, AASHTO, etc standards.


  • Blasting media
  • Grinding media
  • Road marking 

Physical Parameters:

Bulk density       1.5 g/cm3

Shape                sphere
Color                  clean – white
Specific gravity  2.4 – 2.6 g/cm3
Hardness           5 Mohs

Chemical Composition (%):

SiO2                   68-73
Na2O                 13-15
CaO                    6-10
MgO                   3- 5
Al2O3                 1-2.5
Fe2O3                < 0.15

Product Data Sheet :

Suntek Glass Bead for blasting

Suntek Glass Bead Grinding Media

Suntek Glass Bead for Road Marking
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