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Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride



PCBN is characteristic of high hardness, high wear resistance and high thermal stability. It’s inert to iron family element, hence PCBN is mainly used for the machining of ferrous materials, such as harden steel, gray cast iron, high temperature alloy, high-speed steel, hard facing alloys, Ni-Cr alloy, powder metallurgy metals.

Our PCBN blanks for cutting tools have two series. one is composed of CBN layer and tungsten carbide base. Another is solid CBN. Customers can choose suitable PCBN material with different CBN contents, grain sizes and grades according to turned object material.



High contents PCBN 

Low contents PCBN 

CBN Contents 

80-95 Vol%

40-70 Vol%

CBN Grit Size

2~10 micron

0.5~5 micron

Binder Phase

Metal (Co, WC。。。)

 Ceramics (Tic, Tin。。。)

Strength & Toughness



Thermal Conductivity



Chemical Stability



Wear Resistance



Applicable Material

Cast Iron…

Hardened Steel…

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